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Benediction Lutheran Church
8475 W. Fond du Lac Ave
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Here I Stand Sunday - April 18

The 500th Commemoration of Luther's confession at the Diet of Worms on April 18, 1521

Worship 9:00 am,

Hmong Worship - 10:30

Bible Class - 10:30 "Martin Luther - Reformer of the Church"

German Worship - 1:30 pm

French African Worship - 3:00 pm 


Regular Sunday Worship

Our current schedule is

7:00 pm Thursday Worship
9:00 am Sunday Morning Worship
10:15 Bible Class
10:30 am Hmong Worship

1:30 pm German Worship (3rd Sunday of the month)
3:00 pm French African Worship

Note that worship is conducted with social distancing and masks. Those who lead worship do remove their masks when they are speaking.

All of our services are also live-streamed on our Youtube Channel. It will also be available later to watch. https://www.youtube.com/user/BenedictionLCMS

Please do not attend worship if you are at high risk for COVID-19 or if you have had symptoms or come into contact with someone who has the virus.

There are also several radio services that you can listen to each weekend. They are:

Evangelische Andacht, Saturday at 4:30pm on WJYI 1340 AM or listen live on the website evangelischeandacht.org or use the tune-in app on your smart phone. (My German radio program with an English summary of my sermon.)

The Lutheran Hour on WTMJ 620 AM at 6:30.
These programs are on Sunday on WJYI 1340 AM or listen live on the the tune-in app on your smartphone
Lutheran Radio Church Service at 7:00
The Word Today at 7:45
St. Paul’s, West Allis at 8:00
Mount Olive at 10:00

Here are our worship guidelines at the present time:

  1. Worship will be available both in person and digitally (live-streamed and on our youtube channel). Until the pandemic is over, do not feel that you must attend church or feel  guilty for not physically attending.
  2. Our worship attendance will be the maximum that we are allowed by the city. (This is currently  75% of our capacity, which is about 60 people)
  3. Sign on Door – “If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please do not attend worship today.”
  4. Those who are “at risk” are encouraged to make an appointment for private communion.
  5. Seating – Every other pew. Those who haven’t been together are asked to keep a distance of 6’.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be available in the narthex.
  7. Masks available in the narthex and are required.
  8. Hymnals will be removed. Everything will be printed in the bulletin.
  9. No friendship books.
  10. Communion – Hand Sanitizer will be used by the pastor before communion. There will be no common cup. Only pastors will distribute communion. The distribution will be a continuous distribution from the main floor. There should be 6 ft. of distance between family units.
  11. We ask people not to shake hands or hug.  It is preferred that you visit outside. We ask that a safe social distance will be maintained
  12. Offerings will not be passed through the pews.
  13. The pews, door knobs, and bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned between services.
  14. Where applicable, these guidelines will also apply to weddings and funerals.
  15. A meal after a funeral can be provided. However, it is limited to 30 people and must be catered. The family will pay the expense for the catered meal. Proper social distancing should be adhered to.
  16. These guidelines will be reviewed monthly by the Boards of Elders and Trustees and reviewed and revised by the church council.

A Fellowship of Christians, Grounded in the Scriptures
and Centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor: pastor@benediction-lcms.org
Office: office@benediction-lcms.org

Check out Pastor Hougard's sermons for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on the Pastor's tab,

Reformation 500 Themes

Aug 27, 2017 The Reformation Comes to Denmark
Sept 3, 2017 The Freedom of the Christian
Sept 10, 2017 Adiaphora - Matter on which the Bible Is Silent
Sept 17, 2017 the Two Kingdoms - Church and State
Sept 24, 2017 Vocation - The Priesthood of All Believers
Oct 1, 2017 Repentance - The Heartbeat of the Christian
Oct 8, 2017 God's Gift of Marriage
Oct 15, 2017 Anfechtung - Tribulation
Oct 22, 2017 The Power of God's Word
Oct 29, 2017 The Centrality of the Gospel

Weekly Worship Schedule

Summer Worship Schedule:

9 am English Worship
10:30 Hmong Worship
3:00 pm French African Worship


7 pm Midweek Worship

Generally 3rd Sunday of Month
1:30 German Worship


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